A special announcement…

We are so excited to share with you that our merino adventure pants range has been selected as a finalist in the Life in Style GALA Awards for the category 'Eco'... Winners are announced February next year but we thought we should get excited and share the news.. And shed a bit more light onto how our merino adventure pants are truly an excellent eco product with a low carbon footprint!!

Fingers crossed for February!


Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 11.57.04 amdye vat


details of the process and its benefits..


We are proudly sourcing our special merino spandex mix locally.

It is processed and dyed and spun around 40kms from Brunswick, Victoria

where it is cut and screen printed in our studio.

The panels then travel around 10k's to be sewn and finished!


Around 85%  of the water is reused by the mill who makes the fabric,

either directly back through the plant or into other class A recycled water program.

It is used to feed local orchards, or is reused as household grey water.


All of the wool is 100% Australian Merino.


We have colour dyed up to our preference and are excited about colours for 2016!


The top left picture is the actual plant where the fabric is going through its last process on the left in the red...


The bottom photo is the dye vats!